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How to Use Facebook Messenger to Sell More Product

Selling on Facebook with Shopify is easier than ever before, especially now when Shopify’s users can create a Facebook Messenger profile and sell items directly in chat! Read this article and find out more!

One of the most popular social media network on this planet – Facebook is opening the doors to new opportunities and Shopify is walking through them. Shopify, one of the best ecommerce platforms and solutions on the market, provides online retailers and businesses a software to create their own online stores and businesses can now integrate with Facebook and Facebook Messenger. The Shopify’s retail clients can now create a Facebook store and a Messenger profile and offer their followers a live customer service and support, update customers on shipping status and delivery, send order confirmations, send push notifications, and much more. This cooperation gives small businesses and brands on the Shopify platform a reason to use Facebook Messenger as it would expose them to a larger consumer base than what they can reach with their mobile web presences and funding levels.

In other words, if you are interested in selling on Facebook with Shopify, Facebook Messenger is a great opportunity to set your brand and your company apart. In this article, we will discuss how to impress your customers with Facebook Messenger. We will help you figure out how do improve the customer experience and boost your sales at the same time.

The first step is to build a chatbot. While you are setting up your chatbot, keep these things in mind:

  • Use clear and simple language and proper instructions

  • Use guided responses only

  • Don’t be too pushy and avoid making a pressure

  • Always have a plan (Ask yourself – who are you are building this chatbot for?)

  • Optimize, improve, and update your chatbot. It is important to constantly test your chatbot.

Once you have a Facebook Messenger bot, it is time to sync it to your site or your Shopify store. If Messenger isn’t linked to your site, it can impact the price changes, the product updates, and other information you need to have. So your customers can easily navigate through your products and collections using the new sales section on your Facebook page. For more information go to https://www.shopify.com/facebook

Did you know that Facebook Live Chat is one of the best Shopify applications for customer service in 2018? Yes, the Facebook Live Chat Shopify application allows you to provide a chat on your Shopify site, regardless of whether they are on mobile or not. Have you been introduced to the “Buy Now” option? Unlike the sale channels that brings potential customers and buyers out of Facebook Messenger to your website checkout, the better option or the “Buy Now” option that appears in Facebook Messenger allows for purchases without leaving the application. If a certain customer wants to purchase something, all he needs to do is to tap the “Buy Now” button and complete the checkout process within the app. The customer’s information including the contact, shopping, and payment information will be pulled from the Messenger profile. To complete the purchase, you need to tap “Pay” and that’s it. The customer will receive an order confirmation and an option to see a receipt.

You can use the chatbots to increase conversions

You can use the chatbots to increase conversions and boost sales. You will be able to provide customers and potential buyers with entertainment, you can offer customers free stuff, you can build engagement with empathy, you can encourage sharing and referrals, you can encourage lead nurturing, provide guided sales advice, offer gift buying support, and much much more. Facebook Messenger is a huge marketing opportunity for your Shopify products. In order for you to use Facebook to boost your Shopify sales, you need to ensure the customers enjoy interacting with your store. Have fun!