Can Facebook e-commerce lead you to a 6 figure income?

Earning money through Facebook isn’t as hard as it sounds. All you need is will power and a few guidelines to help you along the way. Though you may have heard them before maybe in different contexts but once applied to Facebook e-commerce they can do wonders for your online business.

1) Multiple streams of income

A hybrid model of business will really help you achieve this. It’s so important to have multiple streams of income because of the rapidly changing trends and preferences. Diversification can help you avoid dependence on one stream of income when you are in tricky situation and it will get you that extra cash.

2) Think big and be strategic

Think like a six figure income business owner. Why? Because it helps you frame your mindset and thus take steps and actions along the way in which a six figure business owner would. Always ask yourself what a six figure business owner would do before making any major decisions like hiring team members and investments. Fake it till you make it rule.

3) Cater to all

Targeting to one specific group of consumers won’t get you that 6 figure income. Try to cater to all target markets within your domain through price points and marketing. However, manageability is vital. Build a sustainable model that you can actually work on.

4) Fill your soul

This might seem like a wish washy statement or a Tumblr quote but it’s actually great (life and) business lesson. After all you can’t force yourself to do something because even if you do you won’t be working at your highest potential. Be intentional. You need to know what you want from life, gain clarity on that matter and then build your business. It’s also a great way to decide how you’ll be spending your time and what will you be doing for your business.

5) Build a manageable business

For a six figure income you might get overzealous and pursue everything that falls into your path but this might actually turn out to be a pitfall especially if you have just started. Build a manageable and sustainable model is one of the pillars to a long term profitable business. Building a structure is as important as any other business function and is to a creating a manageable business aligned with your strategies.

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